Manifesting on Purpose!

You already do it, why not do it on purpose?

When you think of manifesting, you may think of those big goals you are working toward, putting a laser focus on your dream, or as Napoleon Hill put it, having a chief aim.

It’s nice to remember that we are actually manifesting things constantly, whether we know it or not!

I’d like to share an example of this from my life. A few weeks ago I was waiting for a table at a restaurant and decided to look at the bulletin board in the lobby. Pinned to the board were all sorts of different things, but my eyes went right to a card advertising the yoga studio two blocks from my house. I took one of them and was reading it before we were seated. Then, while we were waiting for our food, I checked out the different packages, 10 classes, 20 classes. I had decided by the end of the meal that I was going to start attending yoga classes there. I rode my bike home after lunch and sticking out from the screen door was an envelope with my name on it. There was a greeting card from a friend inside, with a gift certificate for 20 classes at the very same studio! There was also the exact card I had picked up at the restaurant, with the classes she thought I’d enjoy marked with a star!

Now that is pretty fast manifesting. I wasn’t consciously trying, but I definitely had spent more than 68 seconds fantasizing about the yoga classes. The fact that I had NO RESISTANCE let it come in faster. I had no reason to doubt that I could achieve the yoga classes.

Think about how many times you have purposefully leveraged on manifesting something, but still had a bit of resistance. It was blocked!

We create constantly. Why not do it on purpose? Please feel free to share any of your own manifesting stories!